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EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Magnetic Bottle Opener

EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Magnetic Bottle Opener

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ūüíô The Perfect Gift For Fathers Worldwideūüíô

"Opening bottles with a bottle opener is easy, but sends caps flying in all directions and often bends the tops rather than opening... That's when I found ExPop‚ĄĘ... Wow, it makes opening drinks enjoyable and so easy whilst being extremely compact. Recommend for all households."

‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź -¬†Jacob O.

‚úÖ Verified Buyer

Traditional bottle openers can be stiff and ineffective, bending caps and launching them far away. This can be a headache because bent bottle stoppers pose further issues, making it harder to open drinks and increasing the likelihood of lid fragments getting into the refreshment and possibly creating a threat. The frequent use of these traditional methods can cause exhaustion, frustration, and difficulty while trying to relax with a cool beverage.

EzPop‚ĄĘ¬†Automatic Bottle Opener features a¬†unique¬†push-and-pop spring, which¬†easily¬†and¬†effortlessly¬†opens beverages. With this technique, bottle caps are¬†protected¬†from damage and breakage while being opened, and a magnet grabs the loose lid, giving¬†assurance¬†that it won't fly off when the bottle is opened. Experience a newfound¬†peace of mind¬†and¬†convenience, knowing refreshments can be¬†simply¬†accessed without any struggle.




‚úÖ EFFORTLESS USE:-By placing over a bottle cap and¬†gently¬†pushing down,¬†EzPop‚ĄĘ releases¬†lids from all sorts of beverages. This ensures drinks can be¬†easily¬†and¬†efficiently¬†opened without effort.

‚úÖ MAGNET CAP HOLDER:-EzPop‚ĄĘ¬†utilizes a magnetic rim to¬†ensure¬†loose bottler caps are caught and won't fall when opened. Enjoy¬†peace of mind, knowing beverage lids can be¬†easily¬†disposed of.

¬†with the highest grade stainless steel,¬†EzPop‚ĄĘ¬†is both¬†durable¬†and¬†capable¬†of years of use. The build quality ensures¬†the device¬†is the¬†ultimate¬†bottle opener.

‚úÖ COMPACT DESIGN:-EzPop‚ĄĘ¬†has been designed to be both extremely¬†compact¬†and¬†lightweight. This ensures the device is carried around wherever needed and used¬†effortlessly¬†at all times.


We understand how frustrating it can be to fetch loose bottle caps that begin bouncing around the floor. It can be annoying when trying to relax at home and enjoy a cold beverage, only for drink lids to break when being opened or create an extra chore. According to research, Avid drinkers have experienced refreshment stoppers snapping at least once in the last 5 years.

With¬†EzPop‚ĄĘ,¬†sigh with¬†relief, as you no longer have to deal with broken, lost bottle caps again.¬†EzPop‚ĄĘ¬†is more than a bottle opener, It helps invite¬†relaxation¬†by offering¬†comfortable¬†and¬†effective assistance¬†in the form of an¬†easy¬†refreshment opening¬†experience, resulting in greater¬†satisfaction. Enjoy¬†convenient,¬†effortless¬†beverage cracking¬†with the¬†help of¬†EzPop‚ĄĘ.


Product Specification

  • Weight: 120g
  • Material:¬†Stainless Steel + ABS
  • Size: 8.7cm height, 5.3cm Width


Packaged Contents

(1)x EzPop‚ĄĘ¬†Automatic Bottle Opener


EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Melissa Wallace

Excellent stylish opener! Unlocks the bottles easily and quickly with one click on the bottle stopper! Very satisfied with the purchase!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Gloria Pearson

I bought as a gift for a friend and she now tells me she has to protect it from family and friends who want one, or hers. She loves how easy it is to use and doesn't take up much space.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Marilyn Castro

Tried this as my neighbors house and ordered one right away! Easy to use and honestly kind of fun!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Steven Estrada

it's like magic, works well, recommend Dacoura.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Diane Arnold

Excellent product, it works just like the description says!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Peters Phillip

All super. Works well and really light, recommend Dacoura.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Linda Ross

So not only is this a great accessory for your kitchen, but you can tote this in your purse, your car wherever. No more using those flimsy can openers, butter knife, seatbelt and definitely not your teeth!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Gomez Donn

I was so happy that I purchased this item, it is so easy to use, I’m now thinking of buying more to gift them to my friends.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Alice Dean

Very easy to use. Definitely a conversation piece. Just be careful because the top does "pop off".
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Austin Tammy

Best bottle opener ever it’s amazing it’s like freaking Magic buy one now buy a bunch of them give them to your friends.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Frances Davidson
I gave each one of my 3 grown sons one. They really like them. Was a fun gift to give and YES they do work!! One son put his in his RV. I am going to get one for my motorhome!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Christine Moore

Bought this for the garage fridge to open sodas, beers etc outside. No more hurting hands.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Silva Joyce

This is a great small gift that works well!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Hannah Holmes

Got this after we saw a friend using one. It is easy to use if you need a one handed bottle opener, and just fun to use!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Kyle Contreras

You definitely need this! I got it as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend & he loved it.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Joshua Alvarado

This is better than other bottle openers! Pretty cool invention…all you do is push down and pop the top. Our friends always hang out every weekend and this is a perfect bottle opener for beers and very easy to use. This will be a perfect gift too!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Joe Little

Loved it. It's not too big and very easy to use.
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Carol Bradley
My husband loved this as part of his father's day gift. Easy to use and small enough to take on the go!
EzPop‚ĄĘ Automatic Bottle Opener
Virginia Flores

This bottle opener is awesome. I could see it being popular at parties. Pop tops and screw tops both come off easy.
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