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NEW 6 IN 1 Thane Six pack Tummy Trimmer

NEW 6 IN 1 Thane Six pack Tummy Trimmer

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ABS CARVER  Smart Fitness Equipment, Black/Green

Get in shape from the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule with Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment. Each tool is lightweight and easily portable to meet your needs. Designed with revolutionary technology, this Wonder Fitness equipment can be used in six different ways to target various body areas. Sit-ups, push-ups and bridges are all made easier and more enjoyable as this workout accessory helps you stay focused and have proper form. This As Seen on TV fitness equipment is designed to help you work on many areas of your arms, legs and abdominal core. Sculpt your core and more while using this tool to do bicycling and scissor kicks. Feel better and look more toned after using Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment while you exercise.
Wonder Core Smart As Seen on TV:
  • Wonder Core Smart is a revolutionary fitness breakthrough
  • Designed to target your entire core
  • Works by focusing on upper, middle and lower abs and obliques
  • Wonder Core Smart is guaranteed to help you get the strong and sexy 6-pack abs you've always wanted, or your money back
  • Effective home exercise system
  • This As Seen on TV fitness equipment can be easily ported to your favorite room or workout location
  • Exercise from the comfort of your home, even when you have little time
  • Device can be situated to help you with sit-ups, bridges, scissor kicks, push-ups and bicycling
  • Targets the triceps, forearms and biceps, along with the abs
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