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Home Squating Machine Magic Pro

Home Squating Machine Magic Pro

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Squat Magic - To gain tone and flexibility!

 The advantages of the squat, without the constraint!

The Squat Magic helps you reap the butt and body shaping benefits of squats without straining your knees or back. What makes Squat Magic unique is the specially designed incline to get you into the correct posture while the Squat Assistive Technology (SAT) guides and supports you on the descent.

With Squat Magic , you will be able to perform the most physical strengthening and toning exercises in the right position and with ease without having to go to the gym .


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Sport at home - A tailor-made workout

With this very effective fitness equipment , you will target 5 muscle groups in a single guided and safe movement. It's like having a personal trainer in your living room. Customizable resistance bands provide support and assistance on the way back so you can easily perform more reps without getting tired for the optimal workout!


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The ideal fitness device for building your leg muscles

✔︎ A complete training program: With the Fitness Squat Magic machine, you work 5 muscle groups in a single movement, you engage the muscles of the lower body (Thighs, glutes, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and abs) for a optimum result without effort and saving the money of the gyms !

✔︎ The Squat Magic Fitness device offers you 3 levels of resistance to adapt to everyone and allow you to intensify training sessions for better physical condition .

✔︎ A Complete Bodybuilding Fitness Workout: A comfortable height-adjustable contact pad allows you to customize the Squat Magic strength training equipment to your height. Our exercise guide will show you 15 different positions to adopt on your Squat Magic to work all the muscles and achieve the results you have set for yourself for better fitness.


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4 reasons to order the Squat Magic on our shop

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